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½ way through the second phase (Ingest)

posted 2 Aug 2010, 01:46 by Alex Thirifays   [ updated 9 Feb 2011, 05:40 ]

The second phase of the project is running as planned, and the theoretic part of the model is currently being tested and corrected by empirical data from various institutions that have delivered collections in the past two years.
August, September and October included expert meetings, evaluations and conferences whose feedback will help us to increase our model's precision.
Late 2010 and early 2011 wrapped up the project, and the report has been submitted for translation into english. The english version will be available shortly.

Cost Model for Digital Preservation: Costing Preservation Planning and digital migrations

posted 9 Feb 2010, 23:26 by Alex Thirifays   [ updated 10 Feb 2010, 06:35 by Alex Thirifays ]

The first part of the cost model targets the costs of digital migrations including other OAIS functions attached to this action.
Next part of the project will allow the model to encompass estimations pertaining to the OAIS functional entities Archival Storage and Ingest.
Comments on both phases are welcome here!

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